HSK – Back-to-School: girl Fashion 2010

What is the number one must-have for Back to School 2010?

No doubt about it. Girls of all ages will be begging for a pair. What are jeggings? Jeggings are a hybrid of jeans and leggings. Wear them with tunics, long tanks and coordinating asymmetrical vests, long tees and cardigan wraps and much more. These versatile bottoms with be everywhere for Fall 2010.

Free flowing, wraps, cardigans and vests are all the rage for Fall 2010 and a definite must-have for Back to School for girls. Layer one with her favorite tee or tank, pull on a pair of jeggings, and she’s good to go.

Fashionable girls this season will be slipping on billowing, soft dresses. Pair one of these fab dresses up with her favorite embellished flats or tall boots and she had an unbeatable look.

Get fun and funky with her denim skirt, and wear it with leggings or mid-calf boots. For an even edgier look, keep her denim shorts from summer and move them right into her fall wardrobe closet.

One of my favorite, must-have fashion items for girls for Back to School 2010 is a knit piece in the classic fair isle pattern. This pattern is fab on sweaters, cardigans, dresses, socks and more.

C’mon girls, have fun with accessories, that’s what they’re for. Snag a few fun and inexpensive pieces to add instant zing and personality to your favorite back to school outfits. My favorite Fall 2010 accessory? A stack of mismatched bracelets.

Embellished flats continue to be a big story in girls’ fashion for Back to School 2010. For a updated look this season, go for flats with a little glam detailing such as metallic embellishments, studs and mixed textures.
Go bold and get graphic with a cool striped tee. This one from Petit Bateau is as soft and cozy as it is stylish.

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