learn mandarin – how a teenager fund his first wholesale business

His name is Mitch, following is his story:

“I started with no help from my parents or other family members, so if you are in the same situation with me, this is a crucial part of starting a business.

I started with 100 GBP in my bank, and just today I transferred 1,000 GBP to my bank account that im not aloud to touch until im 18. Leaving me with a bit of left over cash for emergencies.

Here are the things I did to get that 100 GBP I started with
1. Cleaning next door neighbours windows/cars
2. Selling bottles of drink at my school! Buy 2 for 1.60, sell for 1 GBP each. Its fool proof.
3.Content creation/article writing on digital point forums. (Getting paid to post on other forums)
4. Selling my valuables (in my case a PSP)
Get permission first lol

It took me a couple of months, but it sure paid off! ”

So, Everybody can be ready for a wholesale e-business, only if we take the chance and have a try.
in the future, there will be no brick and stone companies. People live by the WWW. shopping in it .
shake  legs, and never beated by a teenagers.

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