learn mandarin – Edinburgh international Festival 2010

Edinburgh International Festival 2010
13 August – 5 September 2010

The City of Edinburgh Council
Scottish Arts Council


02 Discover the Festival
Get the most out of your experience
04 Make Friends with the Festival
And get great benefits
05 Opening Concert
John Adams’s El Niño
06 Opera
From Porgy and Bess to Bliss
14 Dance
From New Zealand through Europe via USA to Brazil
24 Theatre
Gospel music, classic novels,
theatre meets cinema
34 Orchestras
From Moscow, Cleveland and Amsterdam
43 Recitals
Great American Mezzos
44 Jazz and Contemporary Music
Guitars, trumpets, accordions and cellos
46 Treasures and Traditions at Greyfriars
Baroque, renaissance and more
47 Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert
Glorious music and fiery spectacle
48 The Queen’s Hall Series
Intimate morning recitals
58 Explorations
Debates and talks
60 Conversations
Up close with artists
61 Behind the Scenes
A creative glimpse
62 Festival City
To help plan your Festival
64 Booking Information
Find out about concession discounts
65 Prices
Details of ticket prices
66 Festival Diary
At a glance, events day by day

Welcome to Festival 2010

Oceans apart – these words convey so much of the spirit and ambition behind the Edinburgh International Festival in 2010. They conjure images of the harsh physical journeys across huge expanses of sea, taken at great peril by European explorers from the 14th century, in search of new worlds. They also suggest the often brutal suppression wrought by colonial invasion. But most of all, I hope that they suggest an expansive imaginative territory between places of extraordinary cultural diversity which this programme seeks to explore and even to bridge.

Artists and repertoire from California, New York and New England, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela,Argentina, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia as well as Spain, Holland and the UK all weave a rich, sensual tapestry during
our Festival in 2010.

As these diverse cultures, separated by vast oceans, converge
in Edinburgh, I hope you will join us to celebrate the synergies,
contrasts and revelations they offer.

Jonathan Mills

Source: Edinburgh international festival official website

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