China Business – shenzhen hengjinyuan shoe cover dispenser making base

Was found on April. 2003, which is a leading manufacturer of shoe cover machine in china. Our company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of household products. We invest a lot of money to develop new brand “Yajiebao” shoe cover machine, it’s has a convenient, environmentally friendly, and practical features.We are professional factory which have 7 years R & D experience in sales, especially good at OEM service.

What shoe cover dispenser is?
Shoe cover dispenser is an easy and simple to handle, durable, clean & environment-friendly automatic equipment, which used to keep floor clean, to avoid the trouble of putting on shoe covers.

How does it work?
Fi rst, set some shoe covers onto the dispenser; Second stick ’em into the dispenser inside and step lightly, then the feet will be caught firmly by shoe cover.

How does machine function?
1, Health & Environmental protection
2, Convenient
3, Widely used in hospitals, clean room, laboratory, model room, etc.

Why select hengjinyuan yajiebao automatic shoe cover dispenser?
1, Historical experience: 7 years of research and development sales experience, provided OEM service for more than 20 foreign countries and regions clients.
2, Newest attractive design with various styles.
” style=”background-color: #ffffff;”>3, Steady shoe cover releasing rate up to 100%.

” style=”background-color: #ffffff;”>4, High capacity of holding 60-200 pieces of shoe cover per time.
5, Quick and easy to use and convenient to load shoe covers.
6, Health & Environmental

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