China Travel – Home-based Import/Export business with low investment.

Home-based Import/Export business with low investment.

I have been reading dozens of websites regarding the topic. Pretty much most of them say: “this is what you can do” but not “this is how you can do it”.

Most sources of information spend a lot of time talking about the customs/shipping/payments documents, but none of them talk about the negotiating/contractual/offer/order part of the documents.

I have studied Intl Business in College and no one ever mentioned anything about LOI, or the official supplier’s offer, the letter of comfort from bank, etc. In fact I’ve just found out about those here in Alibaba, few days ago.

I could say that in College all they taught me was the basics to operate a Import/Export Business when you handle the merchandise in your warehouse. Direct shipping, bill of lading switch, how to protect your interests as a middleman, etc.

Oh, not to mention the several lectures about how to operate as a big coorporation manager. All the theories in the world and we never cut to the chase…

Anywho… the issue is..

I have seen several respectable people say you can start your home-based business with very little investment. Let’s say 5 thousand dollars. (I dont trust people that say you need ZERO)

So, is it possible to start your own home-based Intl Business with only 5 thousand dollars? How?

(Any literature suggestionsare welcome, as well os other newbies who would like to share some ideas/doubts)

Once again, thank you for your time spent on reading this!

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