China Travel – How to do business with foreign customers?

em1]Just like what I have told in topic,you must take care of some questions what you establish the business relationship with your foreign customers,expecially the new customers.

Firstly,you must familiar with your own product,expecially the detail,such as the size,measurement,colour.etc.You product attract the customers at first,not you.So they will ask some questions about your products.You should care of them and don’t give a puzzle answer to you customers.

Secondly,the main problem is how to communicate  with your customers.Mostly way is the email and phone,email maybe more.So many person will ask how to write a perfect email.There are a lot  of  things you should notice .Such as if the email you’ve put is right and it is too complex and indistinct, as wll as a right email form.

At last ,you should very clear about the foreign trade process,the documents,payment term,transport.etc.[em7]

This is my experience about the foreign trade,if you have any good suggestion,you can talk here with the friends on Alibaba.

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