China Business – Samples… The risk!

OK I have only been using this site for a short time… I am trying to get some samples. Heres my problem…

1. Companies that supply goods will only send samples if they are payed for in advance by the buyer.

2. I dont really fancy risking my money to get samples that just wont arrive. Some samples are quite expensive and even 1 is a tidy sum for a theif.

3. I cant find a single person who is willing to send a sample and is willing to trust that the buyer will pay AFTER delivery.

Now dont get me wrong people, I know there are scams on both side of the fence, but it seems us buyers take ALL the risk.

I am genuinly looking for items that I can sell and make a profit on, as we all are. I dont want to order 100s of items if I dont think I can sell them. Hence the need for samples.

If a sellers product is as good as they say then 1 sample could mean a long business relationship, surely its worth the risk.

A buyer can send out cash after cash and not get nothing, who is the loser.

Anyone willing to do samples based on trust please contact me.

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