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This List is to assist members to avoid fraud and shoddy goods. Neither Alibaba nor the Moderators promote the following services (and, this little list will expand with time).

Home Office based Helpers ($80-$100 per day) …

Jasmine Agency Service (Shantou – Guangdong) Sourcing Specialist

Office based firms ($100 – $200 approx per day) 


Business in China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, other) Verify Suppliers, Source Poduct, Inspect Goods, Inspect factory and etc
Sophie Zhou and Associates (Xiamen) Source, Verify, etc
cnEffect (Shenzhen)  Comprehensive Services

Qingdao Credit Information Company Ltd (100 affiliated offices) Credit Reports, Debt Collection, Skip Tracing, Process Serving & Other.

Rules for including your Firm in above lists:

  • Open a new Topic about yourself. The link to this topic will be shown above.
  • For your own protection, email addresses will be deleted (scammers skim for email addresses).
  • Do not over-promote yourself … focus on educating / explaining Due Diligence on the ground in China.
  • Say whether you are Home Office based or formal Business Office.
  • Specific price and/or % must be stated. Real world example is helpful.

We reserve the right to delete / edit over-promotional posts or posts not in accord with the primary aim to assist members to better understand Due Diligence.

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