learn Chinese – supplier said yes can made then not sure but money send

i have recently have contacted with a hair accessories company, the person was very helpful and after many hours of msn she told me the company can make the stuffs from the pics she show me and even send me the invoice and pics to my email address but asked to paid out front. So I did that the next morning and MSN her back and told her the money has been transfer but then she told me not to do it first?? she must comfirm with the factory? i told her you said you have asked yesterday and it is fine?  SO i realise something is not right there so i went back to the bank to cancelled the money transfer the next day but it is too late. The bank told me the supplier has received the money and now i  am asking for the money back and the company is telling me they have not received the money in their account but the bank they are with has comfirmed that the money has entered the swift account given to me .  How can i get my money back?

Or can i report this to the Alibaba site cause they claimed they have not received the money in their account? And i have since order other stuffs from another supplier.  I just want my money back.  please help and advise anyone.

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