learn Chinese – EASY WAY to verify fraud or a scam!

Here is a very simple way to verify a fraudulent company!  (As a automotive parts manufacturer in Jackson, Michigan I have learned what to expect from other suppliers, so this is based on real experience.)

1) Ask for a scanned copy of the company’s ISO-9001:2008 registration certificate.  EVERY manufacturer must meet ISO-9001:2008 requirements as of 2010 (ISO-9001:2000 is obsolete).  ISO:14000 or OSHA are environmental and safety certificates and may not be applicable.  If they cannot produce one or if the website’s picture of it are too small to read, there are a scam!  (Note that the ISO registration certificate is always paper!  It must be a scanned copy.  If it appears electronically created or modified in any way, it’s fake!)

2) Look for oddities on the certificate.  Is it a scan of a paper copy?  (All ISO certificates are solely paper.  If it appears electronically created or modified in any way it’s fake.)  Check the issue and expiration date.  Check the scope of the audit (if the scope is for clothing and they are selling electronics you know its fake).

4) Most Important Step: Verify the ISO registration with the issuing Registrar.  Go the the Registrar’s website and verify the registration by entering the name of the company or registration#.  If the name is not found and the number is not found or issued to another company, it’s a fake!

5) You can even verify the Registrar’s validity.  All US registrars are certified by ANAB.  Every country will have its own accrediting company, so you can even make sure the Registrar is licensed to register companies to ISO.

Hope this helps.  Most quotes will come from scammers, so do your homework.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the above information.  Thank you.

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