This is an easy to find reference of noteable posts on various types of payment. This way new members can look for answers in one place instead of posting the same and similar redundant posts. Just copy and past the link in your browser window.  As more articles come available this will be updated.

This thread will deal with:    L/C’s – T/T – PayPal – UCP600 & ISBP – – Western Union, xoom, Money Bookers and any other payment that comes up. but for now these are the most talked about forms of payment.


1. L/C’s – Letters of Credit

1a. L/C  Clauses

1b. D/P – documents against payment

1c. D/A – documents against acceptance

2.  Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) & Bank Guarantee (BG)

3. T/T – Bank to Bank Wire Transfer

4. PayPal – Ebay owned payment system

5. UCP600 & ISBP – ICC Rules pertaining to International Banking relating to International Trade

6. – Payment system that allows for receipt and inspection of product before release of funds

7. Western Union, xoom, Money Bookers – Wire transfer option payment person to person

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