China Travel – Colorful Solutions for iPhone 4 Reception Problem

There’s no great fix for the iPhone 4 reception issues right now. Let us check out the best pseudo-solutions so far.

What Is Going On?

Depending on how you hold your iPhone 4 during calls you may or may not notice your reception drop. Some haven’t seen it at all, but many of our readers and our staff have definitely experienced it while browsing, emailing or using apps. We think it has a bit to do with your initial reception and people in stronger coverage areas are affected less. But we’re also pretty sure – and Apple confirms it – that touching the antenna does affect things – whether or not it has the final result of killing calls or speed of data connection.

Some Pseudo-solutions

Use a Silicone Frame

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Use MiLi Spring 4 Charger

Use an iPhone 4 cover

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These pseudo-solutions that we’re offering aren’t exactly elegant. They’re not intended as a bulletproof answer to whatever reception issues your iPhone 4 is experiencing, but they’re a temporary way of living with the problem. We’d love to hear how they work for you – if you’ve tried them – or about any alternatives you may have found useful.

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